On a serious note though people who idolize serial killers honestly disgust me. Especially when white men who are convicted rapists and murderers are celebrated by wannabe edgy fucks for their “beautifully twisted minds” who wax philosophically about how they shouldn’t be in jail because they’re just poor sensitive lambs lost in society’s evil machine… while black men on minor drug charges rot in jail and no one blinks an eye……

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"When I started making those weird voices, a lot of people told me how whack it was,” she says, “‘What the fuck are you doing?’ they’d say. ‘Why do you sound like that? That doesn’t sound sexy to me.’ And then I started saying, Oh, that’s not sexy to you? Good. I’m going to do it more. Maybe I don’t want to be sexy for you today."

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Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

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Hey maggie learned to swim by saving her drowning father Hardcore



Gym Talk



Last night in the gym I overheard 2 guys talking and one of them said something that really bugged me. So picture the scene, they are stood around the free weights area chatting and pissing about on their phones etc, doing the occasional bicep curl or the odd bench press. One of the guys then looks at the clock and says (and I shit you not) “we’ve been here nearly an hour, we can go soon”.

Now to me that is wrong on so many levels. I would much rather spend 20 mins in the gym going all out with minimal rest periods between high intensity heavy sets than spend an hour in the gym for the sake of being able to say “I went to the gym for an hour tonight” and spending the time doing the odd lift here and there. To me that is not working out, and it surely hinders any goals they may be trying to achieve.


Am I right or wrong? I can’t see how anyone can disagree with me on this, but as this is social media you never know! Thoughts please….

Everyone goes to the gym for different reasons. Just because you personally prefer high intensity and give no thought to the time doesn’t mean that everyone will operate that way.

Maybe these guys needed to leave the house for at least an hour. There could be any number of reasons for this - Their wives/roommates wanted some quiet time and asked them to stay out for a while. They were trying to avoid something at their house, like a family member visiting. They were waiting until their wife/roommate left so that they could get some quiet time at home. They were trying to get out of some chore, like washing the dishes, and knew it would be finished if they just waited long enough before going home. There are lots of reasons why they might want to stay out for a prolonged period. 

Or maybe these guys don’t specifically go to the gym for a hardcore workout. Maybe they just enjoy hanging out with each other and like the atmosphere. There’s nothing wrong with spending time with your friend and shooting the breeze for a while. Hanging around the gym lets you be more active than you otherwise would be, you have plenty of time to chat, you can blow off some steam and you feel good about yourself afterward. Win-win.

In the end - You don’t know their goals. And even if you did, it’s their goals, not your’s. As long as they pay their dues and don’t disrupt anyone else’s workout, they’re perfectly allowed to use the gym for their own purposes. If they want to hang around for a light 1 hour workout, there’s really no harm in that.

I’m honestly not sure why you’d criticize this. Unless they were hogging equipment and outright refused to let people work in, this doesn’t sound like any kind of problem. No one else is obligated to workout hard just because you choose to.